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Both back-corona caused by dust with hight resistivity and re-entrainment due to rapping significantly reduce the collection efficiency of converntional ESPs which are most widely used dust-removal system in industry. Hence, how to overcome these shortcomings of conventional ESP is of prime importance for improving ESP performance and achieving stringent emissions. For the same purspose, a new ESP technology--Rotating Electrode type Electrostatic Precipitator (REEP) with independent intellectual property rights is developed by Feida after several years’ continuous research work.



Operation of REEP

Feida REEP is patented high-tech product, it has achieved advance status. Global advanced level, the main features of Feida REEP are:

(1)The collecting electrode can be kept clean for longtime, hence:
a. High performance can be retained for longtime in operation, margin are unnecessary to be considered in ESP sizing.
b . Successfully avoid back-corona and can be used for the collection of dust with high resistivity.

(2)Minimum re-entrainment which significantly improves the collection efficiency (collection efficiency of 95% can be achieved by one REEP filed ).

(3)Wider range of application than that of conventional ESP.

(4)Space saving (REEP with three fileds can achieve the same performance of ESP with four fields).

(5)One of the best solution for ESP renovation projects (In many cases, only the last field to be renovated to REEP field without any requirement of additional space).

(6)Low pressure drop and less maintenance cost.

Many Feida REEPs had been put into commercial operation since its first application in China Baotou No. 1 Thermal Power Plant, all these applications prove that Feida REEPs not only obtained the minimum back-corona and re-entrainment and also achieved long-term high performance with low pressure drop and operation cos.